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TERRY  r. Wolff

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Wolff Logo inspired by Natasha my Siberian HuskyAbout

Well, where should I begin? I think I should take it from the beginning. Ok, I was a sickly kid on the verge of death... Well that is sort of the way my mother presented it to me. So, having a protective mother and all that, I found my solitude in drawing at a very young age.

I have been doing art of some sort ever since second grade. I used to think that it was great being in high demand and doing art projects instead of being in class learning boring stuff. I have no regrets about being those days, as it lead me to be creative.  

By the time I left the public school system, art had been deeply embedded in my being. I went to art school at night and worked various jobs and as a photographer during the day until Uncle Sam said sign on the dotted line cause I have a war here in Viet Nam I want you to lend a hand with. As it turns out I never left the western hemisphere, seems ole Uncle Sam decided that I would be better off spying on them there commies. So he puts me on a ship and gave me a darkroom all to myself, lots of film, chemicals and time to hone my photography skills.

When Uncle Sam was done with me, I first went into the aero space industry as a draftsman and illustrator until I landed a job with an advertising agency. Also during this time I attended classes at Newark School of Art in Newark NJ, School of Visual Arts, and the New School both in New York City.

Terry Wolff carvingat his studio in Carson, New Mexico - TerryWolff.com Terry Wolff working on a carving project for Ted Turner's Ranch - TerryWolff.com Working on a headboard,

I worked on a carving project for Ted Turners, Vermejo Park Ranch located in Raton and Taos County, New Mexico.  I was one of four woodcarvers along with about a dozen furniture makers working on this project for his new lodge. We carved 16 headboards and several other pieces. A total of 96 pieces.

Woodcarving of Rio Grande Cutthroat by Terry Wolff for a computer desk at Ted Turner's Ranch - TerryWolff.com Woodcarving of wild turkeys by Terry Wolff for a headboard at Ted Turner's Ranch - TerryWolff.com Woodcarving of bears in a forest by Terry Wolff for a headboard at Ted Turner's Ranch - TerryWolff.com




I carved this Rio Grande Cutthroat for the lodges computer desk.

This is one of the two headboard I carved for the Game Bird Room

This is one of the bear headboard I carved for the Bear Room. It features the mother bear along with her babies playing in the trees of the forest.

Terry Wolff taking a break at Caffe Tazza, Taos, New Mexico - TerryWolff.com

Terry R. Wolff