TERRY  r. Wolff


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High Quality Top Bar Bee Hives From
Northern New Mexico

Taos Woodcarver, Terry Wolff has been providing quality custom wood art and wood products for over 30 years

Continued from the Home Bee Hive Page

At first my original hives had peaked roofs and I soon realized they would be hard to store and to transport them  to other locations. So I decided on making the lids flat. I also discovered that it was awkward lifting the top off and finding someplace to lay it, so I decided to have a hinged lid. This turned out to be a great time saver

There are several other changes that came with use. Because we were having a very dry year here in New Mexico, I built two feeders which hung in each hive (they occupy the space of three bars). By having these feeders, I was able to easily supplement my bees diet with sugar cane nectar.

From what I have learned, I have put into the design of our top bar hives...

As a professional  woodworker I felt that adding Top Bar Hives to my resume sounded pretty good. Well, actually I started making some top bar hives for other beekeepers that wanted me to make additional hives for them thus the birth of my making Top Bar Bee Hives.

A number of folks in northern New Mexico have built their own hives from a design which were not too different from my original hives. Now all our hives are made to those dimensions so that we can share bars and combs if we need to.


My first hives turned out to be a good design. Now that they have been used for awhile, I’ve learned some things which I  wanted to incorporate in my present hives. I was able to incorporate these into my original hives as well. As a woodworker I not only wanted to have extra hives for when my bees started to swarm but I wanted to offer them to the public as well.

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