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Dragon woodcarving. This is my second woodcarving which was done in 1976 TERRY  r. Wolff


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History of this Golden Eagle Feather...

The original feather was blessed by Taos Pueblo medicine man Jimmy Reyna and presented to Peter Templeton in a ceremony. I first noticed the feather sticking out of an exit sign over one of the doors to his wood shop. At that point I got the idea to carve it for my hat.

So I took a photo of it and traced its outline. That night I went back to my shop and proceeded to carve myself one. The next day I came back to Peter’s shop with my new feather mounted in my hat.

Soon there after I was taking orders for them and that is why I am offering them on this site

Feather can be made to mount behind hat brim or just for display. 

I originally started making these feathers to mount on cowboy hats. Over time I have been asked to make a version of this feather to be used for display. Now I offer the feather in two styles, one with a mounting platform for mounting to a hat and one to be displayed as you see fit.

The Feather measures about eight inches in length and three inches wide.

Hat Band Mounted Feather

I carve these feathers from American Maple because it is a very hard wood and can withstand being bumped into. Each feather is different as they are all made by hand. The feather comes with a platform which slips between the hat and the hat band. It is secured with a Indian head nickel fastener which I have made for me locally. I include instructions on how to do this.

Feather shown with mounting plate and hardware to mount to a hat.

Display Feather.

This is the same as the Hat Mounted Feather in dimension. It does not come with the mounting platform or mounting hardware. These feathers are carved in Alder, which is also a hard wood but not as hard as the American Maple.

Custom carved feathers are also available.

I have carved several types of feathers, including a bald eagle feather. I have also made mounting displays for these feathers.

If you would like a custom feather carved for you, please send me and email by clicking on this envelope

Select which style of feather you want.

When placing your order be sure to specify which style feather you would like. If you are ordering both style feathers, please place the order twice. Once for the Hat Mounted Feather and again for the Display Feather.

$ 62.00


Feather shown on my hat


Woodcarving of a Golden Eagle Feather in Maple by Terry R. Wolff Woodcarving of a Golden Eagle Feather in Maple mounted on hat by Terry R. Wolff Golden Eagle Feather