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TERRY  r. Wolff

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Since 1976 I have been offering woodcarving instruction. My classes and workshops include both beginner and advance classes. I teach using traditional hand tools such as gouges, knives, and chisels. I also teach you how to increase your productivity level by using power tools to remove of the bulk of your waste wood (this is the wood which needs to be removed in order to create your finished carving) so that you can have more time doing the finish carving.

My classes require having a basic tool set, which includes both a shallow and deep gouge, v-parting tool, skew chisel, both a detail knife and a magic knife.

My sign carving classes make use of just the magic knife.

To take a class or to arrange for a workshop, or to find out more information about my woodcarving and sign carving instruction please fill out the below form.