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Dragon woodcarving. This is my second woodcarving which was done in 1976 Carousel horse head, carved for a motorcycle faring TERRY  r. Wolff

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I wrote this book not only for carving letters but as a book for anyone just starting out in carving and who wants to master the use of the Magic Knife described below.

I have used this book as a teaching aid…
for well over 20 years and have sold over 1,500 copies. If you want a great book for getting started or just to add something new to you're carving skills...

The Textbook For Carving Letters The Textbook For Carving Letters by T.R.Wolff The Wolff Magic Knife...

This is perhaps my most used tool. I first made this knife for carving signs and have since sold these to numerous woodcarvers, sign carvers and other crafts persons. My friends at the Pueblo tells me that they love it for cutting their leather patterns.

The reason this knife is called the “Wolff Magic Knife” is because of woodcarver, Benoi Deschenes.

The Textbook For Carving Letters
Doc Wolff’s Wood Tonic Cover photo of the cover for The Textbook For Carving Letters by T.R.Wolff

This is a deep penetrating wood finish and preservative I developed for my outside sculpture and other wood projects. I am now making it available to other individuals …

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A carved wooden door by Terry Wolff - TerryWolff.com


Carved furniture by Terry Wolff - TerryWolff.com





Black and White Zentangle work by Terry Wolff - TerryWolff.com A carved sign by Terry Wolff - TerryWolff.com Image of Zen Taos No. 7 - A Zentangle pen & ink drawing by Taos Artist Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com

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