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Custom made hand carved wooden gates by Terry R. Wolff

Custom Made Gates

I use this text book as a reference to all my beginning carving students as well as those who want to carve signs.

The technique I use in this book uses just one tool, the Wolff Magic Knife to get students up and running with the minimum amount of up front cost. Once a student has mastered this technique they can move on to other traditional hand tools such as gouges and chisles.

Although I work with both traditional and modern power tools, I can honestly say that there is nothing as rewarding as working with traditional hand tools.

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Learn Basic Carving

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I can make you a customized wooden gate which will make the entrance way to your yard, garden, or courtyard as unique as you are. Whether it is a single or a double gate, don’t you deserve to have an entrance gate that really lets those who enter your special area know who you are? That is what I do every time I make a personalized gate.
I would like to have the opportunity to make such a gate or gate set for you as well. The possibilities are without limits. I can work from your drawings or work with you to design your perfect gate or gates.
If you want I can also have a local blacksmith create custom hinges and latches to meet your individual needs are wants.
Just think of all the possibilities that are open to you!   So, if you are interested in having me carve a custom gate for you please use the below form so that we can get started.
Please fill out as much information as you can. I ask you for your price range so that I know what I can offer you and how complex I can make your gate. As you can imagine not everyone wants the same amount of carving detail as someone else may. And different customers have different restrictions on the amount they want to spend.
Also let me know what size your gate needs to be. Please fill in as much of the information as possible. If you have some images you would like to include, you can do that as well.