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Butcher Block  
Oil & Conditioner

Food Grade Mineral Oil & Natural Waxes

Butcher Block Oil and Butcher Block Conditioner

Use Howard Butcher Block Conditioner after every wash!  Helps keep butcher blocks and cutting boards functional and beautiful.

"I am writing to thank you for the Butcher Block Conditioner. I am an antique bowl collector. I use my bowls regularly. I condition them to prevent stains and cracking. I have used a variety of bee's wax products which inevitably leave the bowls sticky and then the dust collects and sticks to the bowls. I eventually have to remove the built up layers of product.

When I received your product, I thoroughly cleaned five bowls of various ages and types of wood. Your product was superior on ALL of the bowls - maple, cherry, old, and even the new bowl from Africa. My bowls are protected, silky - not sticky, and in my 1760's house, they appear not to attract the dust.

I love this product! I recommend it to everyone."

-P. Reinholtz

Butcher Block Oil

12 OZ


$ 9.90


12 oz.


Butcher Block Conditioner

$ 10.75