Dragon woodcarving. This is my second woodcarving which was done in 1976 TERRY  r. Wolff


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Wolff Logo inspired by Natasha my Siberian Husky

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Wolff Detailing Knives

Wolff Straight Blade Detailing Knife Wolff Curved Blade Detailing Knife Wolff French Curved Blade Detailing Knife

$ 45.00



$ 45.00


$ 49.00

About the knife

These knives are made of the highest quality materials. Every blade is made from 1095CV high carbon steel, I use this steel composition because of its outstanding qualities for fine grain and its wear ability. All handles are shaped from hard woods and riveted to the blades to provide superior bonding. These knives are workhorses and they are meant to do the job. They may never win a beauty award but your work will!

The "C" stands for Chromium, which makes the blades harder and increases its resistance to wear. This means these blades will stay sharper longer. The Chromium allows the blade to be quenched in oil so there is less stress on the steel.

The "V" stands for Vanadium, which allows the steel to withstand high heat while minimizing grain growth. These blades have a fine grain which means they hold a sharper edge.

For years I just made the Magic Knife but as time went on I needed to increase my personal collection of carving tools and it just made sense to make what I needed. Eventually some of my students wanted me to make them some Detailing Knives also. So once I saw a demand for them, I started offering them as well.

I offer these Detailing Knives in three blade styles...

Why the detailing knives