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  About my knives

These knives are made of the highest quality materials. Every blade is made from 1095CV high carbon steel, I use this steel composition because of its outstanding qualities for fine grain and its wear ability. All handles are shaped from hard woods and riveted to the blades to provide superior bonding. These knives are workhorses and they are meant to do the job. They may never win a beauty award but your work will!

The "C" stands for Chromium, which makes the blades harder and increases its resistance to wear. This means these blades will stay sharper longer. The Chromium allows the blade to be quenched in oil so there is less stress on the steel.

The "V" stands for Vanadium, which allows the steel to withstand high heat while minimizing grain growth. These blades have a fine grain which means they hold a sharper edge.

History of the knife

I first started offering these knives to sign carvers on the East Coast in the latter part of the 1980’s.

In the beginning I had these knives made for me and in only the standard size. As demand increased, getting other craftspeople to make these knives became more and more  difficult, forcing me to take up the art of knife making if I wanted to continue teaching my one knife carving technique. At first I found a milling knife which I was able to carefully reshape into what I needed.

Eventually, I started buying the raw steel stock and with the help of the owner of R. Murphy Knife Company to heat treat them for me until he taught me to do myself.

As time went on, I started offering the Magic Knife in additional blade widths, a line of three detailing knives, and other knives.

The 1 inch wide blade is my standard as it allows me to easily do up to a 5 inch letter and is hefty enough to do most of the carving on an carved appliqué. As you get into the smaller blades, their thickness also decreases which is real convenient for making sharper curves and more detailed carving.

My tool kit includes about a dozen standard Magic.

What’s with the name
Back in 1991 when master woodcarver Benoi Deschenes taught his first workshop at the American Woodcarving School, he became intrigued with the set of knives I was working with. He asked me where I got them and what they were called. After watching me demonstrate their versatility, he insisted that I renamed them The Magic Knife.

Mr. Deschenes lives in the Provence of Quebec in the Canadian town of Saint-Jean Port-Joli, a town of some two hundred woodcarvers the last I heard, and is the author of "The Magic Gouge", also known as the V-parting Tool. Thus the name, Wolff Magic Knife!

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