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Mason Sneed



When Mason was 5 he was diagnosed with Leukemia.  The world as he knew it was about to change dramatically and there was nothing he could do about it.  For four years he underwent Chemotherapy, loosing his hair and enduring a lot of down time and discomfort.

Mason warmed the hearts of the staff at his hospital with his kind words and sweet smile. He is nine years old as we go to press and still goes to the hospital for blood work on a regular basis.  Each good report gives him renewed happiness and hope.  

His dream is to one day have his own Goldendoodle puppy to train as a compassion dog and go  back to the hospital to visit with other children undergoing Chemotherapy.  He feels he will be able to bring some happiness and a smile to others because he know how they feel, he knows their scare.  Like most other children his age, he loves to read, play video games, ride his scooter spend time with his friends and his sister Hazel.  

His favorite subject in school is math and he excels in art. I would like to think that he may have inspired both Jason and his younger sister, Hazel into stretching their creative abilities but I am sure that they were both off to a good start long before I entered their young lives.


In 2015 I had a chance to meet Mason when on a trip back East. He had a resounding impact on me and earlier this year I started creating drawings for a dragon coloring book to help raise money to help him. I think Mason is a very unique boy in that when he is not in pain he is the most up beat person I can think of and therefore I want to help him realize his dreams and help him have a comfortable life.

As long as I can afford to, I am paying to have these coloring books printed so that all the funds which I receive can be sent directly to help Mason.

I am asking you to share in this adventure by sending him a friendly note and if possible making a small donation for him.  

You can send your note and/or contribution to Mason at the below address…

Mason Sneed
31 Elmwood Terrace
Wayne NJ 07470-4333  

Thanks for visiting this page and I hope you will take the time to send him a note.