Dragon woodcarving. This is my second woodcarving which was done in 1976 TERRY  r. Wolff


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Wolff Logo inspired by Natasha my Siberian Husky

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Items for purchase

Here are some of my more popular pieces. Everything I create is either custom made or a one of a kind. Even though these works are popular, they are all individually hand made. I do custom art pieces and am not into the making of production runs, although I may make several like pieces, no two items are exactly the same.

I wrote this book not only for carving letters but as a book for anyone just starting out in carving and who wants to master the use of the Magic Knife described below.

I have used this book as a teaching aid for well over 20 years and have sold over 1,500 copies. If you want a great book for getting started or just to add something new to you're carving skills...

The Textbook For Carving Letters Cover of The Textbook For Carving Letters by Terry Wolff The Wolff Knife Collection...

This is perhaps my most used tool. I first made this knife for carving signs and have since sold these to numerous woodcarvers, sign carvers and other artisans. My friends at the Pueblo tells me that they love it for cutting their leather patterns.

The reason this knife The Wolff Magic Knife is because of woodcarver, Benoi Deschenes.

The below two items are for those of you who are either presently carving or are interested in becoming a woodcarver.

My Textbook For Carving Letters is designed to get anyone started in carving and also shows a great method for the experienced carver.

Are you a  woodcarver? US Coast Guard  Documentation Board

All my documentation boards come ready to be mounted on your boat as you see fit. I offer a selection of materials and finishes to suit your budget needs. They all meet USCG standards for meeting your registration requirements.

USCG Documentation Board hand carved in Teak by Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com
Hand carved Golden Eagle Feather carved by Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com

Each feather is hand carved in American Maple. The feather measures about five inches in length and each comes with a Indian head nickel and mounting so that the feather can be attached to a hat band. Or you can order the feather without the hat mounting as shown. Each feather is stained and finished by hand so no two feathers are exactly the same. Allow about three weeks for completion.

Hand Carved  Golden Eagle Feather The Textbook For Carving Letters
Welcome Sign

This has been a good seller ever since I started carving them. The lettering is three inches tall and each sign is a little different since I lay out my lettering by hand.

Custom made Saddle Displays

There is no better way to display a prized saddle then with a hand carved, custom Saddle Display. My Saddle Displays are crafted from native Ponderosa Pine. They can be finished in variety of stained finishes. These stands are available in a southwestern design or a design of your...

Wood care products offered by Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com Howard Wood Care Products

I started using Howard’s “Feed-N-Wax” in 1980 on some of my wooden sculptures and continue to use it and other Howard Products to this day. I have been offering these products to my clients and the public since 2001.

Top Bar Bee Hives hand made by Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com Meet Zelma

Top Bar Bee Hives

Please click on the Bee Hive to the left to learn more about my bee hives and also to learn about Honey Bees in general.

Or you can click on my bee mascot Zelma at the far left to learn more about the life of bees.

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