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This will help me understand what you plan to budget for this project. My actual fee may or may not come within your budget but we have to start somewhere.

Commission A Woodcarving

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Dragon woodcarving. This is my second woodcarving which was done in 1976 TERRY  r. Wolff


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Name Boards and Quarter Boards

Name Boards and Quarter Boards have been carved for centuries. 

These simple yet elegant display signs originally started out as quarter boards which were placed on either side of a ship at the quarter deck to identify the ship as it was boarded.

Today these signs have been adapted as a way for you to display your name or a short message. I have been carving name boards and quarter boards for well over thirty years.

Presently I carve most of these out of a synthetic carving material also known as HDU. Click here to learn more.

If you would prefer that I use wood, no problem.

Ready for your Name Board?

I make my Name Boards from a number of different materials and finish choices. The letters and numbers are 3 inches tall.  You can specify any type style (font) you choose but please do not choose Old English as this is a font that one does not read well and two does not work as all capital letters. Originally and for the most part all letters are upper case or capitals. As you can see by the examples to the right that some are in both caps and lower case letters. These were not used for reading at a distance.

For your convenience and to save you time I have listed a number of possible combinations of materials and finishes for you to chose from to assure you a documentation board to meet your criteria.

Just purchase the style that suits you.  Unless you specify other wise, your Name Board will come with a chamfered edge and rounded corners.

Feel free to contact me for more information about Name Boards and other types of carved signs or woodcarving commissions.

Woodcarving image of a nameboard sign "Richart" by Terry R. Wolff Woodcarving image of a nameboard sign "Roger's Bar" by Terry R. Wolff Woodcarving image of a nameboard sign by Terry R. Wolff Woodcarving image of a nameboard sign "Mike's Pub" by Terry R. Wolff Woodcarving of a nameboard sign "Nice View" by Terry R. Wolff Woodcarving image of a nameboard sign for Shirley's Kitchen by Terry R. Wolff

Please use the below form to get a estimate for your Name Board. If you have any designs or lettering style you would like carved on your sign please attach images. If you need to attach more than two images, fill out additional forms using only your name and attached images.  Also let me know if you are looking for more then one sign of the same design.

Carved name signs available by Terry Wolff - TerryWolff.com