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ZenTaos Art Collection

This is an art form loosely based on a technique known as Zentangle.

Art Style

I have always been fascinated by drawing, whether I used a pencil, a pen, or a brush… I just love to draw. As a student in high school I was encouraged by one of my art teachers, Ian M. Summers to do as much art as I could and so I do. In my senior year some friends and I started a club called Art Unlimited. The sole purpose of this club was to make money by doing work for other clubs and groups. One of our first commissions was by my history teacher who was being investigated by Uncle Sam for being so out spoken. We painted a floor to ceiling picture of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. For this he sponsored our club so we would be legit and that is how it all started.

Over the years I experimented with various art mediums and pretty much settled on sculpture, drawing, and painting.

For years I would regularly do some pen doodles as a way to keep my hand in drawing and to keep the ink in my vintage fountain pens from drying up. My Zen Taos collection started on Christmas Eve 2013 when my friend, Regina Erwood told me about an art technique known as Zentangle. Once I had Googled it I realized that this would be an interesting way to unwind at night and at the same time exercise my vintage pens. Thus my Zen Taos Collections was created.

So mixing the old with the new is how I came up with my new art form.

Both cards and some prints are offered in both black & white and in color.

Each art print and note card are printed in Carson, New Mexico at Wolff Publishing Works. Coloring books are also available here and at Shop-Taos.com, Amazon.com, and CreateSpace.com

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ZenTaos Art Prints
Black & White

Zen Taos Art Note Cards by Terry R. Wolff

ZenTaos Note Cards

Cards are blank inside to allow room to write your message.

Speciality cards are also available and may have a saying inside.

ZenTaos Art Prints

Zen Taos Black & White Art Prints Page 2

When traveling southern Colorado and northern New Mexico you can find my art work, cards or coloring books at these fine locations…

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