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Zen Taos Collection

Zentangle Color Art Prints

My Zen Taos Art Collection are zentangle images which are pen and ink drawings. All my Zen Taos images have been digitized for printing. This series consist of drawing which I do as a form of meditation. They are usually done during the night before retiring for the night.

These works are all done with vintage fountain pens dating back to the early part of the 1900’s. Since the inks used in fountain pens is less permanent then the India ink used in various art and drafting pens, I take each original drawing and have it scanned as a high resolution digital image.

Once my images are in the computer I am then able to clean up any stray pixels. Then I have taken hours to hand color them using an assortment of art programs.

I offer these prints in both black & white and colored versions. Each print is printed at my studio in Carson, New Mexico using archival inks and high quality art paper.

Zen Taos Color Print No.6

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 6


Zen Taos Color Print No.8 Zen Taos Color Print No.7 Zen Taos Color Print No.29 Zen Taos Color Print No.35 Zen Taos Color Print No.34 Zen Taos Color Print No.31 Zen Taos Color Print No.33 Zen Taos Color Print No.9

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 7

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 35

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 34

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 33

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 31

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 29

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 9

Zen Taos Art Print
No. 8